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Not every dog/human pair has the same goals or life schedules. We offer a variety of training packages to fit both your needs. To learn how we can best help you and your best friend, check out our training packages, and sign up for a free consult.


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Once you have completed one of our training packages, you are invited to come to our pack walks.


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Can’t say enough good things about Red Beard Dog Training! I signed up my Aussie, Fenway, for the two week board and train with Brad and Haley. When I left her she was wide-open 24/7 and only listened when she wanted to, not when I called/told her. Two weeks later I got back a dog I wasn’t sure was mine, she listens to all my commands and is much more calm. I’m so happy I decided to go with Red Beard, it was well worth every penny!
— Aaron McCollum

Puppy Social

Socializing your puppy is the most important thing you can do while they are young and learning their place in the world. We are providing a space where they can learn and explore their pup social skills in a safe and supervised environment.