Leash Walking


Having control of your dog on-leash is the single biggest issue many owners face. If your dog drags you down the road, lunges at everything passing by, weaves all over the place or barks incessantly, we can help! A one hour lesson will change your life!

Puppy Training


Puppies between 12-18 weeks old are eligible for our 4-lesson puppy training package. We will address potty/crate training, socialization, basic obedience and halting unwanted behaviors (play biting, jumping, chewing, etc.)

Dogs are eligible for the off-leash adult training packages after they reach 6 months of age. The cost of puppy training will go towards one of the lifetime programs if you choose to continue adult training.

Private Lessons


We will work with you 1-on-1 to train both dog and owner. You will receive the tools you need to succeed, but you must be willing to practice to reach the goals we establish.

Lessons will be at the client’s home to begin with and as we progress the lessons will be held at parks and other public places to seek out distractions.

Lessons will be every 7-10 days until we reach the training goals we have set for your dog. Clients average between 6-8 lessons, but if more lessons are needed we will continue working until our goals are met. Your dedication to practicing will be the key ingredient to your dog reaching its full potential!

You will receive help with any training issues you may have for the life of your dog, and you are eligible to come to all Pack Walks and after completing your lessons.

Jump Start


Our Jump Start package is essentially the same our private lessons. The sole difference being your dog will board with us for two days to get a solid foundation of its new skills.

Once the dog returns home, weekly lessons will continue. However, with the building blocks in place, you will reach your long term goals much faster with the two-day head start.


Board & Train


Your dog comes to stay at the trainer’s house for 14 days.  It will learn commands in a non-distracting environment early on, and will be off-leash reliable by the time it returns home.

We will work at All Pets Considered, Guilford Courthouse, Country Park, The Bog Garden, The Bicentennial Garden, Lowes, Greensboro Arboretum, Bur-Mill Park, Oak Ridge Park, Gander Mountain, Latham Park, The Friendly Center, Great Outdoor Provision Co., Center City Park, Keeley Park, Downtown Greensboro, Design Archives, Home Depot, LeBauer Park, Field & Stream, and countless vet offices.

This is done so your dog will be exposed to many different environments and distractions.

At the end of the 14 days, we will bring the dog home and show you all it has learned. We will make sure there is a seamless transition to being the pack leader your dog needs. After that, you will have as many additional lessons as you need. Your dog will also be eligible to come to Pack Walks for the rest of the dog's life.

Schedule a Lesson:

Private Lessons, Jump Start, and Board and train programs require a (free) consultation. Dogs must be at least 6 months old to begin these programs. To inquire about puppy or leash lessons contact me directly.