Love from our friends.

Brad didn’t meet my dog training expectations. He exceeded them! I called Brad with Red Beard Dog Training because Miles, my 2 year old terrier mix rescue, would bolt any chance he got and was quite stubborn. Brad’s training techniques and personalized curriculum has helped Miles and I so much. Miles is now able to enjoy off leash time at the barn, walks like a pro on the leash and is overall a happier, well behaved little boy. Miles now listens and responds to commands like sit, stay and place. Additionally, Brad has helped me be a better dog parent. He takes time to explain things thoroughly and answer any questions. At first, I was very anxious when working with Miles off leash and I found Brad’s calm personality extremely helpful. I highly recommend Brad and Red Beard Dog Training to any dog owner.

We started working with Brad in March, 2017, 3 months after rescuing a 3 year old boxer named Rooster. Rooster has had his challenges as he wasn’t well socialized as a puppy. He was difficult to handle and had what we call ‘doggie panic attacks’ in any new situation. He would pull, bark and whine, bite at the leash, and was just unmanageable in public. Brad has been wonderful working patiently with our boy. Is Rooster perfect? Nope. He still has his challenges, but we now know how to handle him. It has made a world of difference. Brad has been amazing helping Rooster (and us!!) be successful in training. Rooster is now able to walk on a leash, hike, listen off leash, go to an outdoor brewery etc. We are still working with him and continue to see improvements bit by bit. Amazing! P.S. We LOVE the pack walks!
— Laura Norman

Brad is amazing! We love working with him and having him train our little Zeus. He has a calm spirit about him and Zeus loves him! My favorite part of each week is getting to train with Brad and seeing what new things he teaches our dog. I recommend Brad to anyone who is looking for a trainer! You will love him and so will your dog! He is the best!!

As a veterinarian, I am confronted daily with pet owners concerned about a variety of behavior problems in their dogs. I am so excited to have Red Beard Dog Training as dog trainer that I not only recommend, but trust to train both dog and owner in a highly effective positive way to achieve a well behaved dog. We have seen first hand Brad’s remarkable training results with a foster dog named Sage he has worked with at our animal hospital. I also have multiple highly satisfied clients who repeatedly tell me how happy they are with their dogs after going through Brad’s training program.

Brad and Terry are great. Java is still nervous around strangers but we have some great tools and strategies to keep it in check. We’re loving the pack walks and the off leash training.
— Erin Bailey

Brad is AMAZING!!! Our Oakley has been too scared to go out in public and will shake from being nervous in unfamiliar environments. Our third session Brad had Oakley at a park and with his guidance she was more relaxed and able to do things we never thought she could. I would recommend Brad over anyone, and we have tried several different trainers in the past that do not compare to him and his abilities. He truly is the “dog whisperer” of Greensboro!!

I would highly recommend Brad to anyone in need of a dog trainer. I didn’t think it was possible to train my feisty, stubborn English bulldog puppy, but she has come back a changed dog. Brad is fun and easy to work with and you can tell he has a passion for what he does. Again, I 100% recommend Red Beard Dog Training for all of your dog training needs!!

I have a 6 year old Jack Russell with high anexity. She wanted to attack other dogs, bite the mail carriers, barked at everything she saw and basically had no social interaction with other dogs. After Brad had her for two weeks, she came back a “new dog”. She seems happier, listens more, is friendlier around other dogs and does not want to attack the mail carriers anymore. Everyone that sees her states that “She is a different dog” and I attribute it all to Brad and his training. I can not thank him enough for the change he has made.
— Timothy Bryson

Rocky is my 6 year old, 90 pound boxer mix; who’s an angel but definitely has his faults. I was hesitant to put him in a 2-week board and train program because I didn’t know if I could be away from him that long and I’m not quick to trust just anybody with my good boy.
Then, I met Eric. There was an instant connection between the two and that put all my worries at ease. After those 2 weeks, Rocky came back his happy old self only now, he wasn’t pulling me left and right to chase a squirrel or deer. It’s quite amazing! Off-leash walks are our favorite and we couldn’t be more grateful to Eric and Brad. Thank you!

Dakota went to Brad’s 2 week board and train program and I have to admit that I was very skeptical. See Dakota is very fearful of EVERYTHING to the point that he seems aggressive. We didn’t know how to help him. It was always a stressful situation to take him anywhere. Walking him on the leash was a disaster. His anxiety would just keep building and building. We were afraid to take him to so many places. I watched Dakota’s progress with Brad and I was simply amazed. WAS THIS OUR SAME DAKOTA??!! My daughter, who suffers from RA, is now able to walk him on a leash with no issues. She can now take him places by herself and is confident in how to help him in his stressful situations. He absolutely loves the doggy park now. This is HUGE for us. While Dakota may never be a “pettable” dog to anyone outside of the family due to his anxiety, Brad has shown us how to help Dakota through his anxiety and we are now able to take him places that we couldn’t before. I also appreciate that Brad is available to help us with any other issues that may come up in the future with Dakota. I strongly recommend Brad to anyone that is needing help with their fur baby.

Sterling is our very sweet and very smart 1 year old, 70 pound, husky mix who we love to pieces! Before his training with Eric at Red Beard he was a nightmare on the leash, walking was a chore and was unpleasant for both us and Sterling. Off the leash was not even an option. Some of his naughty behavior included: play biting, destructive boredom behaviors, would ignore you and not listen, jump up on you/guests, bad at greeting people and other dogs, and overall overbearing. Needless to say we needed help. Since Sterling has gotten back from his board and train stay with Eric he is a whole new dog! Him and Eric had an instant connection! We now enjoy 30 minutes walks 3 times per day and he NO LONGER PULLS while on the leash! Majority of the time we do off leash walking and play as well, which was never even a consideration before meeting Eric. He is able to place, sit, stay come, fetch, and much more on command! He greets people excellently with kisses instead of bites and does not jump on people anymore. In fact, everyone who has seen him since his training remarks on how incredible trained he is. Even strangers comment on his good behavior. We are not able to bring him everywhere without any issues! Eric was able to bring out the best in Sterling and made him the best version of himself and for that we cannot thank him enough! Thank you Eric and the Red Beard team!
— Allison VanDeMoere

Can’t say enough good things about Red Beard Dog Training! I signed up my Aussie, Fenway, for the two week board and train with Brad and Haley. When I left her she was wide-open 24/7 and only listened when she wanted to, not when I called/told her. Two weeks later I got back a dog I wasn’t sure was mine, she listens to all my commands and is much more calm. I’m so happy I decided to go with Red Beard, it was well worth every penny!
— Aaron McCollum

Our Pit Bull, Gordy, is a sweet dog, but of course has that pit bull body and face that many are quick to misunderstand. Being overly cautious, we always kept Gordy in the house or in our fenced-in back yard. With the idea of getting Gordy more socialized, we turned to Red Beard Dog Training. In short, in a two-week time period, (thanks to Brad Howell and Red Beard) Gordy learned remarkable discipline. And we learned what it means to be more responsible dog owners. We enrolled Gordy in Red Beard’s in house two week training program. During the two week period, we were traveling, but we were thrilled to log onto the Red Beard Facebook page to view daily pictures and videos of Gordy’s progress. When Gordy was returned to us, we received not only a better trained dog, but also infinitely patient instruction on how to be better dog owners ourselves. Really I can’t say enough positive things about Red Beard Dog Training, but would be happy to share more details of my experience with any prospective customers. Brad – like many people, our dogs are an important part of our family, now you are as well. Please keep doing what you are doing. All the best.
— Doug & Robin Mecimore