Customer Testimonials


Jozi Snowberger

Brad didn't meet my dog training expectations. He exceeded them! I called Brad with Red Beard Dog Training because Miles, my 2 year old terrier mix rescue, would bolt any chance he got and was quite stubborn. Brad's training techniques and personalized curriculum has helped Miles and I so much. Miles is now able to enjoy off leash time at the barn, walks like a pro on the leash and is overall a happier, well behaved little boy. Miles now listens and responds to commands like sit, stay and place. Additionally, Brad has helped me be a better dog parent. He takes time to explain things thoroughly and answer any questions. At first, I was very anxious when working with Miles off leash and I found Brad's calm personality extremely helpful. I highly recommend Brad and Red Beard Dog Training to any dog owner.

Sara Gindlesperger

Brad is amazing! We love working with him and having him train our little Zeus. He has a clam spirit about him and Zeus loves him! My favorite part of each week is getting to train with Brad and seeing what new things he teaches our dog. I recommend Brad to anyone who is looking for a trainer! You will love him and so will your dog! He is the best!!

John Wehe

As a veterinarian, I am confronted daily with pet owners concerned about a variety of behavior problems in their dogs. I am so excited to have Red Beard Dog Training as dog trainer that I not only recommend, but trust to train both dog and owner in a highly effective positive way to achieve a well behaved dog. We have seen first hand Brad's remarkable training results with a foster dog named Sage he has worked with at our animal hospital. I also have multiple highly satisfied clients who repeatedly tell me how happy they are with their dogs after going through Brad's training program.

Melanie McCraw

Brad is AMAZING!!! Our Oakley has been too scared to go out in public and will shake from being nervous in unfamiliar environments. Our third session Brad had Oakley at a park and with his guidance she was more relaxed and able to do things we never thought she could. I would recommend Brad over anyone, and we have tried several different trainers in the past that do not compare to him and his abilities. He truly is the "dog whisperer" of Greensboro!!

Jen Markle

I would highly recommend Brad to anyone in need of a dog trainer. I didn't think it was possible to train my feisty, stubborn English bulldog puppy, but she has come back a changed dog. Brad is fun and easy to work with and you can tell he has a passion for what he does. Again, I 100% recommend Red Beard Dog Training for all of your dog training needs!!

Timothy Bryson

I have a 6 year old Jack Russell with high anexity. She wanted to attack other dogs, bite the mail carriers, barked at everything she saw and basically had no social interaction with other dogs. After Brad had her for two weeks, she came back a "new dog". She seems happier, listens more, is friendlier around other dogs and does not want to attack the mail carriers anymore. Everyone that sees her states that "She is a different dog" and I attribute it all to Brad and his training. I can not thank him enough for the change he has made.