Puppy Lessons


This package includes 3 private lessons + unlimited puppy socials. These lessons will focus on foundational skills your puppy needs to grow up to be a happy, confident, well-mannered dog for life!

*With the purchase of this package, you will get $100 off of any of our adult training packages if you choose to continue education.


Sign up for Puppy lessons:

Puppies grow up fast, so get in touch with us as soon as possible to set up a start date!

Puppy Social


One of the most important things you can do for your puppy is to socialize them while they are young and still learning their place in the world. We are providing a space where they can learn their pup social skills in a safe and supervised environment. Each session will last 45 minutes. Please bring the drop in fee of $15 to the social. We accept all forms of payment.


Sign up for Puppy Social:

First time puppy social attendees must email us proof of shots prior to class.

Puppy Training Requirements


12 weeks - 6 months

required vaccinations:

For first time Puppy Social attendees you must first email us proof of shots. If you do not have these records you will not be allowed to attend class. This is for the safety of all dogs, including yours!

  • Bordatella

  • Second round of DA2PP

  • De-worming

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