Puppy Training

Does your puppy need training but you need flexibility in your schedule? Our Weekly Drop-in Puppy Class is designed to fit you and your four-legged friend. Learn the foundational skills your puppy needs to  grow up to be a well-mannered dog.  Socializing your puppy is vital to ensuring you’ll have a happy, confident, and well-adjusted dog for life! We begin each class with a 20 minute structured social time and ends with discussion and Q&A. Class is held every Wednesday night at Downtown Greensboro Animal Hospital.


We will cover the following topics on a rotating basis.

attendance is not required in any order.


Leash Walking


Leash walking is the most challenging activity you will do with your dog. We address this thoroughly and will also provide solutions for general “problem” behaviors like chewing, jumping, play biting, etc. 


Crate Training


Is your pup is howling in the crate, having accidents, and generally driving you up the wall? Sounds about right! This class focuses on the two most common puppy problems: potty & crate training. 


Basic Obedience


It's never too early to introduce basic commands to your pup. We will introduce your pup to "place", "sit" and "come", giving you a head-start to a potential off-leash life if you choose to pursue our adult training.  

We donate 10% of class proceeds to arcBARKS. This Greensboro-based dog treat company provides us with our training treats. Read a little bit about what they do here.


Puppy Social


Once your dog has completed all 3 of the puppy classes it is officially a Red Beard Puppy Graduate! He/she is now eligible to come to our puppy socials held two Saturday's a month. Socializing is the is the single most important thing for your puppy's growth into a balanced adult dog, so we encourage you to attend as many of these as you can while your dog is in his/her puppy stage! The social is 45 minutes of structured and supervised play time with other puppies between the ages of 12 weeks and 6 months old. 



Puppy Class Requirements


12 weeks - 6 months

required vaccinations:

On the day of your first class you are required to bring proof of vaccinations. If you do not have these records you will not be allowed to attend the class, no exceptions. This is for the safety of all dogs, including yours!

  • Bordatella

  • Second round of DA2PP

  • De-worming

What To Bring

  • Your self and your puppy! We ask that you bring no more than 3 humans per dog.
  • For your pet’s safety, please bring your pet to class on a leash and refrain from greeting other dogs.
  • Leave the treats at home! We provide complimentary training treats from arcBARKS. 
  • A Red Beard approved leash will be handed out at beginning of each class for you to borrow! Please return this leash to us at the end of class.
  • A good attitude! Puppies can be frustrating, but this is fun! As chaotic as it can be, try and keep a calm and assertive attitude. We will guide you along the way.

In order to sign up, please fill out a training waiver and then sign up using our online scheduler below. Sign-up will close 2 hours prior to each class!