My name is Brad Howell and I am the owner/operator of Red Beard Dog Training.

I feel that happy, well-behaved dogs should be the rule in every household, not the exception. I love watching dogs transform. To see the anxiety, nervousness and stress melt away by giving them confidence through leadership is an indescribable feeling.

I keep training simple and use a balanced approach that yields real results without intimidating the dog. Opening a clear line of communication with both dog and owner is the key to success.

My training career officially began in 2013 when I left my job of five years at the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office to attend an intensive four-month dog training program in Charlotte, NC. Upon completion, I began working for a highly-respected trainer who owned a national franchise in the Greensboro area. 

After fully training over 50 dogs in eight months, the opportunity to live out a lifelong dream of becoming a small business owner came true and Red Beard Dog Training was born.

Growing up on a farm in the mountains of North Carolina, I was surrounded by many different animals. There was always a particular soft spot for dogs however, and as I reached adulthood I made working with dogs my focus.

Greensboro has been where I’ve resided since 2003 and I am proud to call it home. The community is important to me and I am dedicated to helping surrounding small businesses and local organizations. 

Red Beard Dog Training has offered services to the Merit Pit Bull Foundation, the SPCA of the Triad and Peacehaven Community Farm's therapy dog training. We are proud members of Triad Local First and encourage you to support local business wherever you reside!